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Imereti is the place of blossom, hospitality and special cousin. If you ask anyone what they liked the most in Imereti they immediately tell you – Cousin, because everyone knows Imeretian Mchadi, Cheese, Tkemali ( plum sauce ). Also, you'll have chance to taste famous Imeretian Khachapuri and special fried chicken with dewberry sauce.
Imereti is a unique region with its evergreen forests, historical and cultural monuments. Vani Caves, Gelati, Bagrati and Prometheus Cave will lead you through the labyrinths of myths and history. But, of course, this is not everything, Imereti is the unique region, we can call it heaven on the earth with its canyons, waterfalls and attractive caves.

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Imereti is the oldest part of Georgia. It was a cultural center during the centuries. Imereti is full of green and unique nature. The area is occupied by dense forests, can say, that this region is always in blossom, with mild winters and abundant harvests. Cousin and Hospitality are this region’s visit card. Everyone knows Imeretian khachapuri, Mchadi, different kinds of Lobio (red beans) with the most delicious Imeretian Cheese. Imereti is the mother of juicy fruit-stewed fruit and organic vegetables- healthy salads, which taste will never be forgotten. Apart from being exotic and stunning, Imereti is rich both- cultural and spiritual.

In Imeretii, the summers are warm, humid, and mostly clear and the winters are  cold, wet, and partly cloudy.

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